OS X becomes unresponsive on internet connection

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Hi there,

Just wondering if any of you have been experiencing this problem:

Mac OS X sometimes becomes unresponsive when I am trying to connect to the internet on 56k; I get a spinning cursor for about 5 minutes after trying to connect. This is different from the Finder becoming unresponsive; I am unable to access the Dock or any other open window, including the terminal.

After a while, it "unsticks" itself and connects as normal.

I am using an iMac DV 400, OS X 10.1.2 with 512 Mb physical RAM.

I can stop this happening with a restart; however this is a bit annoying for me as an OS X convert

Has anyone had the same problem, and does anyone know of a solution?


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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    I happen to have the exact same setup and have had that happen once or twice. The cursor moves all weird when you play with the mouse, right?

    My only advice is that it seems to happen when you dial up and a few other processor intensive apps are open, so...

    Not much of a solution, I know.


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I have this problem too on my ibook2. I've only noticed it when I wake up from sleep, but it's probably I connect to the internet first thing after pulling it out of my bag if I'm going to connect at all. Does it happen more or less when waking from sleep? I don't think the number of processes running has anything to do with it b/c usually all my processes have been sleeping, but I've not run 'top' to check. Hopefully it'll be fixed with the next x.x.x release.
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    This has happened to me more times than I would like. I have noticed it lately as I use Itunes more. First thing is iTunes stopping, and the machine hanging with the funky cursor movement. I usually decide it is coffee time, and when I come back everything is back to normal, with a fifty-fifty chance of it having connected while I am gone...

    Annoying, really...

    What was really annoying, thoough, was when I used to just do a restart, but I found that the computer would not be able to read the system and I would have to the OS from the original disk, and hopscotch through all sorts of versions to get to where I was. Thankfully that doesn't happen anymore, and the odd time I do have to restart, the system is much less likely to corrupt its system file...

    Of course, now I optimize the hard drive once a week, just to keep things fresh and 'snappier'
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    xeoxeo Posts: 33member
    This isn't a new bug at all. It's been around since the Public Beta at least. There is fairly good evidence that this is actually going to be fixed in the upcoming update. We can only hope.

    It's gotten a lot more feedback in the last few months than ever before in the year before that. As I said, it's been around since the Public Beta, but many feel it hasn't been nearly as bad as it is with 10.1.

    Use your voice and join the thousands who have already cried out for a fix. Hopefully it's on its way.
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    Happens 9 out of 10 times I dial up.
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    One way i have found to cut the problem to just a few seconds is to disconnect manually rather than just letting it disconnect when i put it to sleep
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    This is a known bug. The report is here:

    <a href="http://www.opensource.apple.com/bugs/X/Serial Family/2691330.html&quot; target="_blank">http://www.opensource.apple.com/bugs/X/Serial Family/2691330.html&lt;/a&gt;

    I've discovered that the duration of the Finder hangup upon connecting with a modem is dependent upon the uptime of my system. If I've had OS X running for several days, the Finder hangs for much longer when I try to connect. If I shut down every night, then the hangup is never longer than a few seconds. There also seems to be some connection to sleep and the severity of the hangup.

    Supposedly this bug has been fixed and will be incorporated into the 10.1.3 update. Apple has had trouble reproducing the problem, although I cannot figure out why since it seems to be widespread, and virtually ever person with a modem connection has the problem.
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