Classic Application problems.

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I have had OSX since Dec. 25, and am loving it. The one thing I have not been able to figure out, though, is getting classic apps to run. The first time I tried to run it, I got an address error. I then spent ~a half hour figuring out which extension was causing the problem. It turned out to be "Shared Library Manager PPC". If I turn on every other extension but this one, it starts up just fine. But, when I try to launch a Classic App, it starts to open in the doc, and then closes. No error message or anything. I will use Photoshop as the example from here on. Since I am relatively new to the Mac platform, I am not sure what this extension is for. I turned it off when booting natively into os9, and the programs exhibited the same problem. Anyways, I need to know wht I need to do to fix this, if anyone else has had the same problem. (Whoa. Bad grammar). I REALLY need to run Photoshop under X because of the other programs I have upgraded. The specs of my computer, if it helps, is an iMac DV 450 with 384 megs of ram.... Thanks.


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    This sounds odd. You're running Mac OS X 10.1.2 and Mac OS 9.2.1 or 9.2.2 I assume. Delete the files Classic, Classic Support, and Classic Support UI. If you look in /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic you'll see a bunch of files that Classic modifies. Remove these files from your Mac OS 9 System Folder as well. Now start Classic, and let it update all of your Mac OS 9 pieces again.

    If this doesn't work, try reinstalling Mac OS 9.
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    My apologies. My previous message was unclear. The files Classic, Classic Support, and Classic Support UI will be in your Mac OS 9 System Folder. Do not delete those files from your /System/Library/ folder - or there will be chaos.
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    Hmm.. I already have reinstalled OS9, but am going to try this now. Thanks.
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    I looked for what you were talking about, but could not even find the directory, or find it in sherlock. Is there some hidden file system I need to turn off?
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    If you reinstalled Mac OS 9, then don't worry about what I said.

    Was it a clean install, or did you install over your existing 9? And what version of 9?
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    Sorry for taking so long to respond. Well, I deleted all of the OS9 folders first, then reinstalled from the cd that came with X. I think 9.1.1 or something. Then I installed all the upgrades so it is now 9.2.2. One more ques.. I could not find those files you are talking about, and I was also trying to configure apache, and could not find the config files. Is there some sort of hidden folder feature I need to turn off? Thanks.
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