Where's the DECENT Mini/Macbook for GAMES?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Using a Mac Pro and MBPro, one has to wonder, where is the decent machine that can also run games? Especially in the laptop department.

The iMac is okay, however, it does stutter sometimes, especially in motion unless you do a FULL SCREEN preview.

All this talk about a cheap gaming machine = PROS buying this instead is false. The PRO user NO LONGER is the "bread and butter" of apple. Anyone can see its the moms, baby strollers, puppy dog users coming in droves to switch to the Mac. So I believe, this PRO concept is moot.

You can say all you want that the MAC isn't for games, yet if that where true, why all the new titles for the MAC (UNREAL 3 soon) and many others. I think having a decent gaming machine would be great, no more of this Intel GMA crap which Apple really crippled with the X300.

? First GEN Macbooks, Xbench 150%

? First/2nd Gen Macbooks with Leopard Xbench 172%

? Last revised Macbook with X300 Xbench 87%

Please, if a PRO user wants to use a MINI for rendering or a cheap macbook, let them, it won't affect the bottom line, in fact, I think a decent MINI or laptop would see HUGE as gaming is the #1 market-share right now.
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