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I would like to use the ordinary 'option-arrow' and 'command-arrow' commands to move the input cursor.

How do I do that?

(I haven't changed the shell or anything like that.)


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    look under terminal settings->keyboard.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,357moderator
    Yep terminal menu, window settings and choose keyboard.

    I have the control left key set to escape b and control right set to escape f.

    If you hit escape then f in the terminal, it jumps forward a word, use b for back. I prefer ctrl arrow. In the keyboard settings, this shows as \\033f. Use the delete button to delete stuff not the delete key itself.
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    tubgirltubgirl Posts: 177member

    'Command' seem to be unavailable as a modifier key, but the option-arrow-thing works great.
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    'command' is used by Apple's Terminal for "copy and paste, switching between applications, " etc. That is why it isn't available for rebinding in terminal.
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