Leopard Help, Serious Trouble

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So Ive been running leopard since it came out without a hitch, until yesterday. Yesterday I tried turning it on the the computer will go to the loading screen right before the galaxy photo and the enter password screen comes up, and the little loading wheel thing (not wheel, kinda looks like marks on a clock going around) will go for a little bit then it will reset and go again and again, never stopping. My leopard disk wasnt here, so I used someone elses disc utility (leopard) disk and did the repair process, but the thing still will not turn on. There is an error when repairing saying something about error on exit.

So, the real question is

Any idea how to fix it barring a new install?

Is there any way to get the data on the hard drive off before a new install?

I just got new data from home (like 20 gigs of photos) that I will lose if not.

The only thing I did different the time before it quit working, was in the hard drive I changed the access of everyone to read only instead of read and right. I left admin and system the same, just changed the everyone section. Maybe that will give one of you a clue.

Thanks for any help.


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    Do a repair permissions from the disk utility after booting from the install DVD. if that doesn't help. revert the access change that you did. I don't see why you had to change permissions on the hard disk. Any self respecting operating system knows how to protect it's system area from users. The default permissions that are set in OS-X are quite nice and suffice to isolate users from each other and the operating system from the users.
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    see if you can boot it into firewire target disk mode. if you have another machine to hook it in to at least you can grab your important files off there before you start experimenting with stuff to fix it.
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    Firewire target disk mode. Back up your data on the other machine, change the permissions back globally on your screwed machine and try again.

    Then reinstall Leopard if all else fails.

    Incidentally, ?everyone? means ?everyone?, which includes system and admin!

    Permissions have always been really weird things. Permissions on Leopard are apparently really, really weird things that everyone complains about.
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