Prepping my iBook for sale...

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I'm trying to sell my iBook, and I want to get it ready for sale. I'd like to restore it to factory settings, erase the hard drive, etc. I'm not really sure what steps I have to take to safely pass the computer to another user. I'd appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks in advance.


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    Put in the OS X installer disk. Press power to boot. After the chime, hold down the C key untill it starts up from the disk. At the top of the screen select Utilities > Disk Utility from the menu. DU will start up and you will see the drive on the left column. Hilight the MAIN HD that's in your iBook and click the erase tab. Select the security options button on the window (bottom left). A pop up with options shows. Select Zero all data. This will write 0's to the whole drive. You can select how may passes you want to do, up to 35. The std 1 pass is a couple hours. 1 Pass is usually enough but if you are worried, you can select more. Make sure system is plugged in too. After it finishes (blue status bar will be gone and the erase screen will appear again), close DU and it will take you back where you can start the new OS X install.
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    Thanks a lot.
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