single 2.8 quad core or two 2.66 dual core?

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I seek advice and comment. I am a photographer in need of a new machine. Photoshop and lightroom are the tools I use and are the most demanding of all of my needs. Budget is of concern and do not have enough knowledge to decide what is the best value. A new MP single 2.8 quad core with the other under the hood improvements or the older model with two 2.66 dual cores. The older model can be found for just under 2200 stock while the new prices out from apple at 2500 or so. The difference could provide a good chunk of ram and a drive or two.

The first question is performance. My thoughts lean to the not significant side. The second is useful life span. The older model should perform to my need for quite a few years.

What have you to offer? what would you choose?



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    the single 2.8 is 2,299.00 and it has 2gb of ram + a better video card.
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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    I agree with Joe. The new one is the better choice. Especially if you can add another 2.8 cpu later.
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    dragon you are correct. The difference is the 2.66 can be found both tax and shipping free. The 2.8 at this point only can be found from Apple and with tax puts the cost at just under 2500. I wonder if the single quad will be available from retailers like Amazon. It may be considered a niche product. Thanks for your thoughts.
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