macbook keyboard worst you have ever used

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I have had my macbook for almost a year now and I have to say that I dislike this new chicklet style keyboard every bit as much as I hated it when it was new. After I bought my computer I came on the forums and everyone told me; "ohhh just give it some time you'll love it", well I don't. I have asked as many of other people how they feel on the issue and I have found that people seem to be very divided on the issue, which is a mystery to me, but I guess that there is no accounting for some people's tastes.


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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    I think I liked the one on my 12" PB just a bit better but overall I'm very happy with the keyboard on my Macbook after year and a half.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,746member
    I love it so much I don't like the MacBook Pro because it doesn't have it. Don't own either though.
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    cubitcubit Posts: 846member
    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    I love it so much I don't like the MacBook Pro because it doesn't have it. Don't own either though.

    I don't like it on a notebook, but then I love the MacBook Pro's backlit keyboard and touch, which I use all the time in dimly lit places late into the night., BUT, I love the version that has become the new iMac keyboards. They are absolutely flawless, IMHO.
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    Love the MBP keyboard, and that was one of the reasons I first got a PowerBook. For me, the keyboard is a #1 priority (as much of the work I do is writing scripts and novels). I like th backlit keyboard... but I never use it for some reason. Probably because I'm a touch typest, and never notice it being on or not. It is cool, though.
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    i like the feel of my macbook keyboard, but its really easy to get stuff such as dirt in under the keys.
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    Definitely one of the best I've ever owned. Comfortable to the touch, amazingly durable and keeps clean, accurate...

    But I only type about 70 WPM so I'm no professional typist...
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    reganregan Posts: 474member
    When I was looking for a small laptop, I remember I fell in love with the old 12" aluminum powerbook keyboard when they first came out. It just seemed like butter. Perfect fit and super comfortable to type on.

    I never did get the 12" tho.

    When the macbooks came out, at first I wasn't sure I liked the new "chicklet" style keyboard. In fact, upon first trying it out at the Apple store, I downright hated it compared to the macbook pro keyboard.

    But then it grew on me. Now I totally dig it. I was going to buy a black macbook, but decided to wait to see what Jobs announced at MWSF. The new "Airbook" while sexy and too pricey and the HD waaaaay too small for my needs on the road.

    So I will definately get the macbook now as I don't think an update is coming until at least May of this year.

    Cheers. :-)
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    I prefer it to the macbook pro keyboard, i find the macbook keyboard extremely comfortable.
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    Love it. Adore it, even.

    I'm scared of breaking it outside warranty.
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