Dream Prediction of Apple Keynote products.

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Being that I keep seeing so many fanciful totally out of the question predictions in here I thought I would start a thread with the products that I would like Apple to make, and some of these are ones we've been talking about for over 5 months.

Keynote Product Summary.

• Mac Semi Pro Desktop. (I think it's AKA xMac for some)

• Mac convertible Tablet aka MacBook Pro - with a twist.

• 3G iPhone - insert your favorite features here.

• Various software updates.

I haven't seen anyone pull more than three out of =butt so far so I limit myself to three.

Although I do think these are 3 products that Apple needs to have in it's lineup, that doesn't mean they will have them.

If anyone has a product they want apple to make go ahead and put it in here.
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