MacBook Pro EFI / Bootcamp issue...

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Back in 2006, I did some work for a company close to Apple, who got updates and things very slightly before the public. I joined a private wireless network to work there, and had auto install updates enabled in 'software update'. Looking through /library/receipts it lists:

"Macbook Pro EFI Firmware Update Pre-Release"

It seems my firmware is marked MBP11.0055.B06, but the release one is MBP11.0055.B08 (update 1.2). When I try to install the 'official' version it won't take at all.

I tried the 1.3 reset CD, all the updates, everything. No dice.

I deleted the Pre-Release stuff from 'Receipts', software update '.index', and also from the Utilites folder, to see if it would pick up the right update. No luck at all.

The kicker is this... Bootcamp will NOT work in 10.5 with the firmware I currently have... it has to have the 'official release' version. Every time i try to run the installer/helper for BT I get the message 'You need to Upgrade Your Firmware'.

I have wracked my brains on how to install the correct firmware manually, or do a force install of the firmware. All no dice.

I honestly think I am in trouble.

Help, I'm willing to try anything, as if not, I think this Mac may be fit for the bin as I will never be able to run Bootcamp (which I need for work)


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    Got Applecare? If you have a work history with them or still have the plan, support should be able to sort this out. Tried going to a Apple Store or a local service center?
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    marcusmarcus Posts: 227member
    The machine is out of warranty atm, and no applecare sadly. My Apple work history is now a good few years previous, so no real use.

    I called into a reseller in Holland when I was there on business recently, and they recommended a logic board swap! Certainly not a path I want to take... I was thinking, there *has* to be a way to force an upgrade.
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    kareliakarelia Posts: 525member
    Contact Apple Support. The firmware is extremely difficult to change, so much so that a failed firmware upgrade means a logic board replacement. Apple would either have to build a firmware update specifically for the few people in your situation, or replace your logic board. Considering this was an genuine Apple update, albeit not a public one, they should be able to assign you a CS code for the "repair", if you plead your case to them enough.

    After all, it's not your fault the machine has a problem, nor is it a simple part failure, it's a problem caused by their own update.
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