Making OS X a UNIX contender

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I came across <a href=""; target="_blank">this</a> article on OS Opinion and thought it had alot of great things Apple should consider if they haven't already. Apple really has an incredable future with OS X if they go about it right. I hope someone from Apple sees this and takes some advice well.


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    I wonder if Apple can keep enough s/w engineers on salary to work out things like this. I'm sure Apple was hoping that Darwin would give them lots of free labor, but we all know you get what you pay for.
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    I can only hope that Apple has that "Vision Thing" enough to see that this is the true future of Apple and not this Digital Hub thing they seem to be banking on so heavily. Don't misunderstand, the digital hub is a great marketing tool, but it needs to be looking alot further down the road. This current plan will only go so far. I wish Apple would get over this "we can't tell anything about our R&D or some one might steal our ideas" thing. If Apple is ever to be a true big market player like M$ and IBM they have to go for some bigger goals. Unix has that capability to do that for them if they would quit thinking that they're going to get "free" developers to make OS X big. They are going to have to make some serious investments into the R&D.
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    I can see some of those options on OSX Server. A journled filesystem and LVM is a must for any server class machine but should it be incorporated into the desktop version of OSX? Probbally not, unless they can make the technology transparent to the enduser. As for porting Motif(which is nothing more than X windows), developers could recompile their programs on OSX and have the enduser run XFree. This would be quicker that porting the software to coco or carbon.
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