Trash has something in it but when i look there's nothing.

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Hey guys, my trash bin says it has something in it but there isn't anything in it. When i go into coverflow for it though, i see a file called nul and the word nul is diagonal going aross the bottom of the file 10 times, and the picture for the file is a question mark and it says alias on it as well, how the hell do i get rid of this?


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    haha, thanks for the help guys. anyways, i found the solution for those of you who may one day experience this. if you are running bootcamp or parallels, there may be a file called .trash, which somehow makes your trash can in mac osx seem full, just delete this file and everything will go back to normal.
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    Glad you got that sorted. I was gonna suggest it was maybe a Leopard bug. Lord! Could you imagine?!!
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    Invisible files don't show up in the trash just like any other folder - if you have a 50GB file beginning with a dot, OS X won't allow you to empty the trash as it thinks there's nothing in there to delete. However, as soon as you drop a visible file into the trash, it will delete both the invisible and visible files. I personally don't like the behaviour and they should allow you to delete invisible items if that's all that's in the trash.
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    it was in my xp partition. and putting another file in the mac osx trash and emptying won't do anything. this nul file cannot be deleted unless you go into your other partition and search for .trash and delete it.
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    Secure empty trash didn't work?
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