Airport trouble

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I've got one of the new 20" iMacs. Up until now a dream of a machine. But of late it takes both a long time to load webpages and is constantly rebuffering any video - a particular pain in the arse with BBC iPlayer. I called BT but apparently there's nothing wrong with our line or Home hub. Tried booting up in Vista and its just as slow. Then tried my Macbook and it seems fine. I'm guessing its an issue with the Airport card in the machine? But if so will they have to replace the entire system as isn't the card now built in rather than an extra?


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    the new imacs, not sure, the airport card usually has a socket, just like ram that it plugs into. Chances are one of the antennas came unplugged or has a broken wire. It should be covered under the 1 year warranty... great case to pickup applecare

    Your local service center should be able to sort it out. Should be no charge, under warranty repair.
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