Shuffle not recognized

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Last April I bought my wife a Shuffle to use in the gym and it has been enjoyed very much. She wants to change some of the music in her playlist and I am now unable to access it on my computer - it does not open in iTunes. I have a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 running 10.3.9. I had no problems at all initially. I have always updated iTunes when suggested and that may have been my problem. When I bought my iMac there was no USB2; it came out about 3 months later. The Apple store here tells me that since I have no USB2 I am out of luck and just get a new computer. It looks like my only recourse is to burn a CD of her new playlist send it to my daughter out of state and have her update the Shuffle - daughter has Mac with USB2. I mean that sucks big time!

That is the main thing i dislike about Apple. I bought in 2003 with Jaguar. Then there was Panther, then Tiger, and now Leopard. I guess it's good for business; but, I hate the planned obsolescence of products to force you to a newer product. I see a laptop in my future sometime, but then I'm not crazy about Apple's new glossy look.

I do have an older 20 gig iPod that works fine, bit that's Firewire and the wife loves her Shuffle.

Any help appreciated.
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