Coverage upgrade since June??

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Hi All-

I bought an iPhone when they first came out (day one). Used it for a month then went back to my blackberry. Not because of the functionality of the unit, just because it seemed like the BB got much better cell coverage and while traveling didn't drop as many calls.

I loved the iPhone though and would like to go back. So my questions, have any of the updates helped with spotty coverage issues??



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    surfratsurfrat Posts: 341member
    I've also owned an iPhone since day one. The coverage has been flawless since I purchased it.

    Keep in mind, it largely depends on where you live/work/travel.

    Some areas are bound to have poor reception, I have been lucky enough to work and live in very well-covered areas.
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    A cell tower only covers about a five miles radius, so, not everyone is going to have "full bars" or even two bars on their phone.
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