Additional Battery for MacBook Air

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I saw this in an article somewhere when I was looking for 3rd party power adapters for my MacBook Pro. MacBook Air adapters are "coming soon" so folks who are pre-ordering the MBA and want an additional battery might want to send the guy an email.

Kinda ugly looking, expensive and heavy but if you need more power for those long long flights it may be worth a look.

I did not buy one of these as my trip to Australia was nixed. At most I go to Europe so a single spare battery was fine for me and I didn't need the big honking Valence N-Charge (weighs as much as the MBA!).

So no personal experience with the thing. I'm not associated with the guy and haven't even been a customer.

I understand you can get money back if you send in a working magsafe adapter.
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