The next update on what, will be when?

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- New Monitors?

- Updated MBP?

- Updated Software?

- New Desktop unit (iMac)

- 3G iPhone

- Something new?

Now when?

Maybe shortly after they announce the numbers for the First Quarter 2008 (Tuesday the 22nd?)


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    thebeatthebeat Posts: 113member
    yah, a lot of rumors have been saying Tuesday the 22nd is when were going to see some updated products. Most likely the Macbook Pros.
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    I don't know, but I'm buying a 45nm iMac whenever it comes out.
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    dhagan4755dhagan4755 Posts: 2,150member
    Originally Posted by thebeat View Post

    yah, a lot of rumors have been saying Tuesday the 22nd is when were going to see some updated products

    What rumor site(s) are these?
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    thebeatthebeat Posts: 113member
    well there has been rumors in MacRumors forum, and also a Wikipedia website (I know people can just change whatever, but its still a rumor).. I also remember seeing a post in this forum somewhere that Macbooks lineup will be updated as early as Tuesday the 22nd. But I would wait 3 Tuesdays to be likely sure.
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    Tuesday the 22nd is a day we get all the things we didn't last Tuesday? haha!
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    pepp5pepp5 Posts: 10member

    and also a Wikipedia website

    "A Wikipedia website" - what does this mean? A specific article on A special sub-site of wp of some sort? If it's an article, what one? Is it already overwritten and if so what is it's timestamp? URL please...

    2) I'm hoping for something to fill the gap between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro, in desktop headless macs... we go from 600-800 to 2300 dollars now. I'm hoping for a "mac mini pro" or "mac prosumer" or "imac without display" in the 999 to 1499 range. Something with a real vid card like the imacs.

    3) New Macbook Pros please! But Tue 1/22 is the earnings report, I doubt they'd do a silent product intro on that day.
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    dhagan4755dhagan4755 Posts: 2,150member
    Well I did some scouring and most of what I found was forum ruminations from some astute posters. Not any industry sources by any means. I think the lack of a MacBook Pro update at Macworld has more to do with this potential issue.
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    Originally Posted by Splinemodel View Post

    I don't know, but I'm buying a 45nm iMac whenever it comes out.

    I'd rather keep my 24" iMac.

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    2 More days to Tuesday 22nd, lets see if your rumour is correct :crossfingers:
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    olternautolternaut Posts: 1,376member
    Originally Posted by wheelhot View Post

    2 More days to Tuesday 22nd, lets see if your rumour is correct :crossfingers:

    If so then I take it its going to be a small announcement that the news media will pick up and the blog sites? In other words it won't be a media event right?

    And if so then its probably going to be just spec upgrades....I don't see apple making a small announcement for macbooks with new cases similar to the new macbook air......or am I wrong?

    Another question then. Will there be another media type event for this year? A small one perhaps but still one where Jobs will host? Perhaps one for the iphone/ipod touch SDK announcement? And when will this be? What is the official known schedule for apple events anyway? WWDC 2008??

    questions questions
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    The Penryn 45nm CPU was to come first and fit in the Santa Rosa platform. But, MacbookAir is a Merom 65nm CPU in a shrunken hybrid platform. Thus, it's a toc, tic, toc strategy. When are Penryns coming?
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    I am confused...would Apple really do these updates so close after MacWorld? If so, would it be with another keynote or more just like "Psst, hey, we updated these things, go check them out!" Has Apple done this before? I am still new to all this.

    I really don't think, even if they do updates, that we will see anything brand new. I mean, why wouldn't they do that at MacWorld? Just for length?

    I will say that it was pretty interesting, Jobs' comment about "We are only 2 weeks into 2008 and have done all this...and this is just the start!" I can only assume this means Jobs has a few things in mind.

    1-updates for all macs. I imagine a slight update for the iMac. A major update for the MacBooks, making it more environmentally friendly and integrating multitouch into the track pad. Speed bump for the MBP and multitouch track pad too.

    2-an update for the iPhone. G3, more memory, more software updates. Probably not GPS but you never know.

    3-iPod updates in September....that's a duh.

    4-Software updates....that's duh number 2

    5-The Newton/Tablet/UMPC/MID whatever mystery device. Since it was supposed to debut at MacWorld but was delayed because it wasn't ready...I would guess sometime in the spring. March at the earliest. I can speculate all I want about what this will be...but there really isn't anything known about this at the moment.

    6-And who knows, maybe Apple has something secret up their sleeves. A full multitouch mac? A tablet macbook (full computer, not mystery device above) designed for artists? A revision to the mighty mouse? WiMax? New Cinema Displays with iSights? Who knows?
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