history of apple doncumentary?

in General Discussion edited January 2014

im the director of I.T. for a high school and i want to the kids about the history of everything important in the I.T. world. i have found a handful of DVDs but i cant find one on the history of Apple inc... I have seen a very good documentary on G4tv that talked about everything up to the Apple 2, and that would be awesome to own. i have been searching for a few hours and i cant find a DVD at all, let alone one that would be sufficient (with the exception of "pirates of silicon valley, which isnt really what im looking for).

if anyone knows of a DVD/VHS that you think would give me what i need, or if anyone taped the special that was on G4tv (game makers : apple II) and could send me a copy (just let me know how much money you want and i will see what i can do) please get back to me, any help is deeply appreciated.

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