30" Display

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I am thinking about getting a 30" display. My primary machine is a recent Macbook Pro - but I might get a macpro sometime later this year.

The Apple 30" display is $1799.

I found a similar 30" Samsung 305t for $1269 at newegg


Is it worth spending the extra $500 for the apple? The specs look similar.....

Thanks for any advice....


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    buddhabuddha Posts: 386member
    Cinema display updates are long over-due. The Samsung is far superior (well if you need color accuracy if you're a photography professional, maybe not). I expect Apple to update the cinema displays soon but nobody is sure when they're going to do it. There's a good chance for a silent update as opposed to it being announced at an event. If you need a monitor now, I'd get the Samsung (unfortunately).
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