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I am looking for a thread that has everything to do about MacBook Pros, when to buy, when updates are coming or you think they are coming. If there is another thread like this already let me know but if there isn't then all you people that have the inside scoop on things in the Mac World lay done the knowledge.


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    no one can know for sure when something new is going to happen to the macbook pro. i bought mine a few months ago and love it. if you want to get a macbook pro now and can't wait, just get it, i mean really, what does it matter if they come out with a new processor, it'll just be outdated in a few more months after you get it.

    If you want the latest and greatest, then wait a bit, there will probably be an update soon seeing as it's been quite a long time since they've gave it a major update.
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    Which one do you prefer matte or glossy screen?
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    Originally Posted by Drewsterritz View Post

    Which one do you prefer matte or glossy screen?

    personally, i prefer glossy, which is obviously what i have. It looks real nice when you're playing a movies or looking at pictures, and best of all, it's shiny

    there is some debate which is better though. some say if you're an avid indoor user that glossy would most likely be best suited, and if you are an avid outdoor user, get the matte. i've used my macbook pro outside before and it doesn't really make that much of a difference, the LED screen is so bright that you can still see.
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