MBP and MB Prices

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Does anyone think that the MB and MBPs prices will be lowered since the release of the MBA?


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    No one wants to reply??? Aw...
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    No, everyone is bitching about the gigantic footprint of the Macbook Air, and how you'd need a flatbed to rest it on.
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    Doubt it.
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    why would Apple want to reduce the price of the MB or MBP? MBA is design as a ultraportable which mean its capabilities is limited compared to MB or MBP so in other words, MBA is not design to compete with MB or MBP.
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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    The Macbook and Macbook Pros will see an update in the near future and soldier on with their existing prices most likely. If you want a less expensive machine I've always had great experiences with Apple's refurbs in their special deals section.
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    or student educational discounts too (if u have a student ID)
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