Get iphone and use on current account/plan? Please help.

in iPhone edited January 2014
Can I go buy an iPhone, take out the sim and put in the sim from my current att account and have it start working, or do you have to activate it with itunes first.

I was thinking if you can't just swap sim cards, then i could buy the iphone, activate a new line of service through itunes, then call and cancel that new line and then swap sim cards with my old phone, then the iphone would be properly activated through itunes, but then it would use my current account.

The reason I am asking this is because I don't care about visual voicemail and I currently am on an awesome rate plan with thousands of minutes, text and unlimited internet for very inexpensive ($40 total ) and I want an iphone, but can't afford switching to a $39.99 plan and adding the iphone data package.

Can anyone help with this?
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