Booting linux from an external hard drive?

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Hey sorry for all the questions but I just thought of this:

For the work I do I run use programs that are built for all three OS's, OSX, Windows, and Linux. The boot camp feature in Leopard has me covered for Windows and OSX and I was just planning on keeping my old desktop as my linux machine however this idea occurred to me.

Is it possible for me to install linux on an external hard drive, the one I posted about earlier, and set a Macbook Pro to boot off the hard drive into linux?


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    You could try it with this little software:

    rEFIt - efi boot manager

    I didn't try linux, but I could see all the bootable devices plugged in.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,223moderator
    If you use Parallels, you can run Windows, Linux and OS X simultaneously. I'd have thought that would be the easiest/quickest way to test an application as you don't have to shut down your development software. I've done that for testing websites.
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