DVD Burning Problems

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Wondering if anybody else has experienced a problem I am suddenly experienceing in Toast?

I am using a G5 Dual 2.3 with 2GB of RAM and Roxio Toast 6

The CD/DVD drive is a Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A

When I try to burn a DVD-R of roughly 3.7 gig the write-out goes wrong and I can hear the drive reving and obviously something is wrong. I then get a message saying

The write out process failed

"sense code = 0x72, 0 x 02"

Can anyone help? Its driving me crazy - I was hoping to backup around 50GB and now nothing works!


Many thanks



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    burner is likely shot. You have another Mac or access to an external drive? check out macsales.com for replacement DVD drives. There's a link to a utility that will patch OS X to recognize just about any aftermarket drive to work. Not too bad to change in a G5, flip the 2 grey tabs underneth the drive on the side (when you pull the side cover). Pull the cables, 4 studs from the drive with a torx i think, put on the new drive and snap it back into place. Just make sure the front of the drawer comes off the new drive so it works with the G5s built in sliding door.
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    Thanks ever so much for your answer - that was my worry too. Its just massively annoying since I have hardly used the drive at all ;-(

    It did burn a disc of about 900MB with no problems - not ure if that signifies anything?

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    Just tried to burn a 2GB folder to a DVD and same error report - in full it is:

    "The drive reported an error:

    Sense Key = MEDIUM ERROR

    Sense Code = 0x72, 0x02



    Any thoughts?

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