Ipod touch / iphone trackpad fantasy.

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its official. i need my ipod touch to be my trackpad for my macbook pro. (or my G5 powermac for that matter).

with the air, apple is gettin in the remote peripherals business. I cant think of a reason why i shouldnt be able to use it as a multi touch trackpad.

has anyone heard anything about this? i mean it's a reasonable app right? like a mutant vnc situation.


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    Interesting you should mention such a thing... I have been speculating for about 4 months now that Apple will eventually offer a MacBook/Pro with an iPhone screen as the built-in trackpad. The design would do away with the tactile button of a normal trackpad, replacing it with a digital area instead (which would be user definable right inside the System Preferences) there would also be other options like designating part of the trackpad area to specific functions (such as buttons for cut/copy/paste, or a mini Dock that shows only open Apps, etc...). For users who choose the "tap to click" trackpad gesture, the digital button would disappear, providing a larger tracking area.

    I'm also speculating that eventually we'll have an iPhone docking station that is similar to a MacBook w/ a hole in it where you would lay down your iPhone as the trackpad. There would be no Optical Drive, possibly no extra storage space, mainly just a larger screen, and a macbook sized keyboard. I'd love to see a mock-up of my concept.
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