Headphone jack placement on iTouch result in problem!?

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I just have to wonder if Im the only one thats bothered by this:

The headphone jack on the iTouch is on the bottom, next to the regular connection-socket.

Why is this a problem one might ask?

Well here's the deal. I wanted to buy a wakeup-clock that the ipod could dock with, firstly it would be so much nicer to wake up to music, and it would be a great way of keeping it charged next to the bed. Now so far so good. But the thing is I like to listen to music while falling asleep, but my wife does not really agree with this, so naturally I use headphones in the evening. I think you know what Im getting at. The problem with having the iTouch docked in a wakeup-clock (at least the models I found so far) is that I can't use headphones in the evening since I can't reach the headphone jack when its docked. And so far I haven't found any wakeup-clock with a headphone-jack?

Anyone else bothered about this? Or that has even thought about it? And lastly are there any "ipod dock clocks" out there that have a headphone jack?



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    Have you thought about using the Apple dock. This has a headphone jack on the back which you could connect to either your headphones or the aux input of any radio you like. I do this all the time with my iPhone.
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    Thanks for your reply, but isn't the jack on the apple dock simply an "audio out", not a headphone out? I found a JBL speaker for I-pods(..."on stage".. something) which had an audio out, but this was just an audio out, the soundlevel was the same regardless of the volume on the player. I don't know the exact english technical term for the audio-out but I hope you understand the difference im implying.

    So please if you can verify this, it would be a possibly solution.
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    The iHome alarm clocks have headphone jacks, but I'm not sure if they do what you want (i.e., sleep with headphones, wake with speakers).
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