Has this been reported before?

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Has anyone notice when you open up a window in icon view. Set it to "Keep arranged: Date Modified." It sorts the latest file to the bottom. It was opposite in Mac OS 9. Is this a bug or should it be like this? :eek:


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    If you click the date modified field again, it will reverse the sorting order. The way it sorts is based on how you last told it to sort files. You can see by looking at which direction the arrow is pointing in that field....
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    Yes, in list view when you click on the header to change the way it sorts. But if you have it in icon view, set View Options to always sort by modified, the latest is always at bottom. :-(

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    Strange, it never happens that way on my system...
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    Well, I'm not sure why I have this problem. It's been this way since I'm upgrade to Mac OS X and I was hoping that Apple would fix this. Now you say that you don?t' have this problem, I guess I have to look somewhere else to resolve it. I thought there might have been a hidden keystroke that would reverse this. Oh well. .
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    I always thought that somehow, at some point in time a default sorting order was stored as a preference... like maybe when you closed the window after setting it to what you wanted. That's my guess, but it seems X gets amnesia over preferences anyhow
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