US firmware on UK apple TV?

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I'm in the UK and just bought an appleTV to try out. I was getting fed up of erratic streaming to my PS3 so thought the sync route would be a simpler option. Working out OK so far.

I also have a US itunes account so I can rent/buy movies and sync them to my apple TV/ipod touch.

My question is - will I be able to update the firmware of my appleTV to the US version when take2 comes out? Will it be a global software update? I guess they can filter based on serial number/IP address, but itunes doesn't seem to care as long as you have a valid credit card.


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    Are you certain there's a difference in the firmware versions?

    I'm willing to bet iTunes access is strictly determined by the iTunes account you register the AppleTV with.
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    I have no idea, but let us know when you try it out next week.
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    I have a question for you... even thought you said it was pretty shithouse... how do you stream to your PS3?

    My housemate has one connected to the tv and normally I just dump movies onto a hard drive and then plug it into the usb slot... but if I was able top stream to it, it would be an easier solution.

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    mediaconnect I think its called, from nullriver. An update of their connect 360 app they had before.

    sometimes streams ok, sometimes not. But most solutions are a bit hit and miss. I too was just copying files to a WD passport drive before
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