Slow Wireless Internet

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
After running an internet speed test I find that my download speed is only running at 1MBps, despite paying for 5 MBps. The upload speed was as advertised at 500 KBps. So after firing off a nasty e-mail to my ISP (DOH!) I try to troubleshoot the problem. Lo and behold, if I plug the notebook in directly to the cable modem it runs at 5MBps! Is there some internal setting either in the computer or router that is slowing me down? FYI I am purchasing the .n technology soon with time capsule and a new iMac...but this old notebook won't handle it.

The details:

PowerBook G4

1.5 GHz

1.5 MB Ram

Airport Extreme Basestation

802.11.g speed

Cable Modem running at 5MBps
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