Shared iTunes library won't show up

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I've been using my iMac to serve up our music library for a while now and it's worked great. Well, it worked, anyway. Using an Airport Extreme and several Expresses, one for each stereo in the house.

Recently though, it hasn't been working at all. The library doesn't show up. Ever, on any of the other macs (powerbook, macbook pro and a few others that come to visit from time to time). All the setting are correct for sharing, but no dice.

Any thought? thanks!!


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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Did you upgrade recently, or turn your Firewall on? It sounds like you need to open up your Firewall to permit iTunes sharing.
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    I restarted the Extreme with the Airport Utility (by hitting 'update' without changing anything). seemed to do the trick. The traditional Apple equivalent of the old hit the tv (lightly) with a hammer to get it working again.

    When in doubt, reboot.
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