macbook pro wont boot or leave grey screen

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tonight i verified my disc and fixed some permissions using disc utility. while i was at the end of this process the colors on my screen went screwy and i shut down.

anyhow now, im stuck on grey screen with the apple and circle scrolling thing. so far i have tried...

resetting the SMC by holding power (with no battery or ac power) for 5 seconds

i went into single user mode and tried to boot and it kept saying

exited abnormally: Bad system call

respawning too quickly! throttling

anyhow it did this 10 times then killed the job because there was too many failures in succession

im not very computer savey but did what i could to try and remedy the problem. any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Have you tried booting into safe mode? Shift key at, but not before, start-up chime, release at grey screen with spinning cursor.
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    yeah i tried that, basicly i just want to know what a bad system call is. or if there is anything i could try. i cant really take it to the mac store so im trying this first.

    i tried safe mode, single user mode, V and one other. i get bad system call and it tries the job 10times then stops
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    Sounds like a job for the Mac OS X Install DVD's. Try inserting Disc 1 and restarting the computer, holding down "C" at startup. Run through the prompts and reinstall the operation system. Make sure to perform an "Archive and Install" first, however, because you might be able to fix the problem without wiping the hard drive.
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