Qtrax: all 25 million songs will be free.

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After a decade fighting to stop illegal file-sharing, the music industry will give fans today what they have always wanted: an unlimited supply of free and legal songs.


Could this be the end of iTunes?


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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Maybe not.

    Notice that they have included their own version of DRM that requires you to play on only their PC based players with mandatory adds.
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    It sounds a little like "make your own radio station." The idea might have merit if sold to customers in the right way. I get a little pissed off when ads are worked into podcasts, so I'm not sure that I'm the intended audience for such an idea, but who knows for others: the market will tell.
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    If it doesn't play on the iPod, without expiry, without using Windows, then I'm not interested, no matter how "free" it is.

    I'm thinking it will be a kind of Veoh for audio, but with expiring DRM. But we'll probably still figure out a way to hijack the audio output and reencode, albeit with a loss of quality.
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