Booting Problem Please Help!!!

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Here the situation?.

My laptop will turn on fine and make the correct sounds while doing so. The gray screen comes up just like always with the little circle spinning just under the Apple logo.

Then it switches to the blue screen with the grey box in the middle that reads ?MX OS(whatever)?, however, the little bar underneath that which is suppose to load up (by turning blue) does not do anything. Usually it goes through that step pretty quickly and then takes me directly to my login screen.

I have left it sitting for a while to see if it just needed some time but it never booted up. I took the battery out and put it back in and still nothing. I don?t want to do anything that will erase anything off my laptop to fix this problem because I have some pictures saved on this computer that I don?t have saved anywhere else. All you input is much appreciated, thanks in advance.


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    Which machine do you have? PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro?

    Have you tried booting the computer in safe mode (hold down Shift during startup)?

    If so, have you tried inserting the bundled restore DVD's and holding down the letter "C" after powering the laptop up, to see if it can boot from another source?
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    And until there's more info, if you do manage to get it to start-up, back-up anything you don't want to lose immediately.

    Also, if you can start-up from the CD, try repairing the disk in Disk Utility. It might give you some answers.
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    if you have another mac, back up your data in TD mode (target disk mode) and pull you files off. BTW are you using leopard? it sounds like you got one of the early installs of leopard? Try doing a software update, and update the firmware as well
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