O2 revises iPhone Tariffs

in iPhone edited January 2014
"iPhone users on the cheapest (£35) tariff will now enjoy three times the call allowance (now 600 minutes) and be able to send 500 SMS messages (up 300) as part of the new deal.

The £45/month iPhone contract will now enjoy the same call/text allowance as formerly given customers paying £55 per month: 1,200 minutes and 500 texts per month.

And iPhone users on the top £55/month contract will either receive a £10 discount from their bill, or the chance to join £75/month contract, which offers 3,000 minutes of calling and 500 texts under the monthly deal"



Now that's much better.


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    ollywollyw Posts: 11member
    Obviously selling well

    Still nothing there for low users like me.

    100 minutes / 100 texts and data for £20 - £25 max is what I need
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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    I'm currently on the £45. I hope there's a way to downgrade to the £35 now.

    If not, I guess I'll enjoy the extra minutes.

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