Wait a goddam minute! Isn't Steve giving a presentation at CES?

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Wouldn't this be a good time to introduce the G5? I mean there will be tons of WinTel people there and they think Steve is going to talk about his digital hub but instead he introduces the 1.6GHz G5


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    scadboyscadboy Posts: 189member
    While this was widely rumored, and even mentioned on the front page of Go2Mac, the CES organizers have debunked this rumor, steve will not be keynoting at CES this week.

    I was really excited about this too, oh well... I do expect we'll see the PowerMacs introduced within the next three to four weeks, probably at some Apple "event" or Seybold NY in February.


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    g4dudeg4dude Posts: 1,016member
    well if this is true I must say, "oops, my bad"
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