Macbook pro 15" ($1999+160GB) current model for $1599 from my school- a good deal?

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Dear respectable members of the forum, I'm a newb to this forum and Macs and I do not know how soon the new Penryn Macs will come out.

Given the unpredictability of the situation, would you advise against or for purchasing the $1999 MBP with 160 GB upgrade for $1599 (comes with some Canon photo printer as well, but I have little use for it).


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    Unless you really want Penryn, or have gobs of cash to buy whatever you want at any price, that seems like a good enough price to jump on it, assuming the deal is off as soon as the new models come out. I personally don't think any near-future update will offer much more than Penryn and more video ram.

    However, if you need to have the "latest and greatest", wait for it.

    What school is this?
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    It's a univ. of California school.

    I'm concerned mainly about the battery life; coming from an ultraportable PC, from which I get 5-6 hours without wireless and dimmed screen, going to a 15" laptop concerns me a little about whether I can survive multiple classes in one day without charging.

    But like you said I am financially limited so perhaps 1599 is a good deal regardless.
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