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Thanks in advance for any help offered. Let me explain my set up and will follow with my problem.

I have a tv station rack underneath my staircase which basically distributes various devices (satellites, dvd player, sonos, etc.) to various TVs around my house. I had come up with this idea to put in a mac mini in the rack and get a wireless key board and mouse, effectivley giving me access to my mac and internet from any TV. My initial plan was that i would piggy back of the IR system that was in every rooms tv connecting it to the rack, but trying to find an IR key board and mouse was a real pain.

This brings me to my problem. I have resorted to bluetooth to try and fix my problem, but the standard 30 ft range will not cut it since it would need to go through various walls to access all the TVs. Now I've heard of these bluetooth 2.0 keyboard and mouse combos that have a 100 m range, but cannot find any on the internet. I have also been recommended a "bluetooth repeater" but dont know if that will be applicable to my problem.

Please help.....

Much appriciated



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