iMac 24 intel will not wake up from sleep mode

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My iMac is about 4 months old and about twice a month after sleeping overnight the computer will not wake up. After several attempts pressing keys on the keyboard and clicking on the mouse, I have to unplug the Mac and then press the start button on the back and all is well!

Any other way to wake-up the Mac?

And do I have a problem or is this normal?



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    cyloncylon Posts: 126member
    I've been having the same problem the last few months on my Mac Pro. Only started happening after I've upgraded to Leopard. Doesn't happen all the time, but will happen several times in a row, and then not happen again for several days. I just press and hold the Power button several seconds to restart though.
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    saabmansaabman Posts: 1member
    mine just did the same thing. Went to sleep and could not wake it. Had to unplug mains power and plug it back and up it came.

    2.4Ghz 24inch
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