I think Time Machine messed up my HD icon.

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I posting this issue on another forum but haven't yet found a solution that works, so please forgive me if you have seen this before.

I have encountered an odd sort of problem that only occurred once I started using Time Machine (I didn't set it up for a couple of weeks after installing Leopard). A found a few similar, but not identical, problems on the Apple forums but the fixes offered there did not work (ie opening "Get Info" and cutting the icon). Here's my problem: ever since I set up and started using Time Machine, my Macintosh HD icon has changed and now matches the external drive's icon. It's not an earth shattering problem by any stretch, but it is pretty annoying and confusing to not have the easy visual distinction. I hope 10.5.2 might fix this bug, but until then, any thoughts?

BTW, the computer is an aluminum iMac, runs 10.5.1 and the external drive is an OWC Mercury Elite. Any help is appreciated.
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