maximum open network connections?

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Hi all,

I've been using OS X for more than 2 years now and there's a question that's been lingering in my mind since the very beginning that i really want to get sorted out. Simply put, what is (if there is) the maximum number of open connections in OS X? I realised that during my XP days, there was a limit set for the max number of open connections... is there such a thing in OS X? if there is, does anyone know what the number is?

the reason i'm asking is because, when I use BT and surfing at the same time, a few hundred open connections being made will clog up my connection in OS X. However, in XP I can connect to thousands of peers. Why is there so much of a difference? I've used the same connection for both.

Thanks in advance.



P.S. I'm on Leopard atm.


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    Try using a diff BT client & make sure the firewall is set up properly.

    Transmission is a good OS X client
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