ZunePhone Announcement CES - Ballmer!

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A lot of you missed my after hours speech at CES, but I announced the ZunePhone!

Forget iPhune, The Zuph is the real thing, transcript:

ZunePhone, ZunePhone, ZunePhone, ZunePhone, ........

That's all I seem to hear from everybody where ever I go! As I told you people back in July, "ZunePhone is getting closer!" It's closer than it was back then by several months.

I can confirm that among the massive feature list of the "ZuP" (as I like to call it) will be:

4g Network capability

FM Radio


Lo-res GPS

Terra-Server DirectAccess

WhisperPhone Technology

Volume Control

SilverLight Animation

IE 8 (Light Edition)

IndirectBuy Technology


The list goes on and on and on .......

That's why it's taking us so long, we are doing this the Microsoft way! RIGHT!

Sure Apple sent over their little snitches and sneak-thieves and stole our ZuP Alpha Mock ups (which they used to make the iPhone), but we will let that slide.

Get the "Real Thing!" Zup! Coming closer, closer, closer, closer, clo...........
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