Question for those who've seen 10.2 in action

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If you want to make an X boot disc, I have a utility that may help a bit:

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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Does anyone happen to know if Apple has yanked its head out and added the capability to create bootable CD's from Disk Copy / Disk Utility?
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    I'd like to know that aswell. I don't have an OS X version of Toast .
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    I don't have any version of Toast, but I suspect said program on my horizon. I may decide to bag Classic all together once Photoshop comes out (hence no need for legacy boot discs). OS X is probably stable enough (can't remember the last time I crashed) that I don't really need a "backup system"....

    But there will come a time when TechTool for OS X is available, and once that happens this issue will be relevant again, so the question is worth asking.

    I doubt there will be a way to make updated OS X boot discs, as it won't be a matter of just copying the system folder into the disk image, etc. One drawback of a UNIX system I suppose. Probably the only way to update an older OS X system install is to use software update after whatever CD you own - but for things like TechTool or (if you're a glutton for punishment) NUM it's a good feature to have.

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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Doesn't the beta of disk copy do that? I used to it create a bootable 10.1 5gxx something a while back (only way to make the disk as I remember). i kept it just because it can make bottable disks.
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,394member
    I have some questions for you 10.2 users.

    1) Is OS X 10.2 faster than 10.1?

    2) Is it 64 bit compatible?

    3) Can you find any information in the OS where it references the G5?

    4) Does it have label capability in the finder?
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    1. Mac OS X 10.2 is way faster than 10.1

    2. Not it's not yet 64bit compatible. At least I don't think so.

    3. Nope nothing about the G5

    4. No
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    WTF is up with this thread? It's like it was dragged around in time. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    I dunno. Caught my eye too. The dates can't be right, can they? I'm trying to remember but I don't think there was much talk of 10.2 until a month+ before WWDC which was in May....

    Wierd. Maybe the server is borking the dates too?
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    Well when did you really ask the question?
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Hmm... this is weird.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    I'd love to know how CharlesS was

    a)using a .mac account


    b) writing OS X utils

    in May 1990! <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    [quote]I'd love to know how CharlesS was

    a)using a .mac account


    b) writing OS X utils

    in May 1990! <hr></blockquote>

    The ultimate insider?


    "We do not inherit the land from our ancestors"

    "We borrow it from our children"
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