how to install a new OS on a Powerbook with broken Display

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I am handing down my PB G4 1gHz to my daughter. Its screen is not working anymore, but it supports an external monitor just fine.

I want to reinstall Tiger from the family pack I purchased (which is what I used on the PB with all my stuff) and do an erase and install so all my stuff goes away and she starts over with a clean hard drive.

The problem is, when I try to install from a second computer through Target mode, the installer asks to reboot the remote machine (which doesn't help--I'm not trying to install it on that one). But if I try to boot from the Install DVD, the machine reboots and then doesn't support the external monitor, so I can't see anything to perform the install!

Does anybody know a way out of this? I have a legal family pack (which has been used on this PB already), but I can't seem to reinstall on the PB now that I can't see the built-in LCD.



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