Iphone exterior buttons issue

in iPhone edited January 2014
I purchased my iPhone last week. I've been having an issue with the exterior volume rocker. Out of the box, the click action on the button is very soft, sometimes absent entirely. Unless I hit it at the right angle, it doesn't register a click. This has been quite an inconvenience when I try to adjust the iPod volume from inside my pocket. The floor models, on the other hand, all have a very solid click action to the volume rocker -- it's a very significant difference. I'm suspecting an issue with my particular handset, unless this is a characteristic of later production runs. Any thoughts?

It's starting to get on my nerves. If it's within the 14 days since purchase, can AT&T handle an exchange, or will it have to be through the Apple service? Do you even think this is a legitimate warranty claim? Thanks.


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    dmberdmber Posts: 204member
    take it in and have someone check it out at least. mine definitely click.
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    The volume buttons on my iPhone register every time.

    i would definitely take it to an Apple Store and if there is not one by you, to ATT and if there is not one of those nearby, call your point of purchase.
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