Looking for a good Webcam for Mac Pro

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I just purchased a Mac Pro not long ago and one thing I miss having is the iSight camera that my MBP has. I know in the past Apple made an iSight camera that could be hooked onto a Mac Pro. Are they coming out with an updated Camera? Are there any good 3rd party cameras I should look for? I prefer something that hooks up via USB and that would also have a Mic so I can use it for voice recording even when not using the camera.


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    I doubt Apple will ever sell another cam, simply because all their computers ('cept the Mac Pro ) have built-in cameras. And the general consensus seems to be that IF they ever update their Cinema Display line, it'll probably have an integrated camera.

    That said, the original iSights were FireWire and are usually available on eBay, otherwise many new USB cams will work on OSX, even though the packaging often doesn't indicate it.
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    The Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 works well, both video and audio and tbh has better image quality than any iSight I've seen (including the original stand-alone one).

    Only problem is that it's auto-focus requires Windows. So you'll need access to a Windows installation to set the focus to where you like.
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