Energy Saver settings for Powerbook

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When I bought my TiBook (500mhz version) Apple proudly claimed it would give you battery-life for a work-day. Well I pumped it up to 512Mb and added an Airport Card so I was pretty happy with the 4+ hour bettery life I had in Os9. But since I switched to OsX the thing gives me 2.5 hours TOPS!

I know OsX is a bit more hefty on the CPU etc etc but why can't I set my Processor to 300Mhz like in Os9. This offered me a substantial gain in battery-life.. So my question is, will Apple ever add this to the energy saver panel?


Collin van Ginkel


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    They should, because it is a pretty demanded feature. I'm sure even apple employees would complain about something like that.

    I would expect it for 10.2.
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    One would think so, but perhaps they won't. My Ti PB 667 doesn't even have that option in OS 9. I don't believe the new iBooks have that option either... It might be gone for a while.

    I'd be cheesed if they got the sound code to stop breaking after a few hours of use...

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