Windows placement concerning the doc.

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I've placed my Dock on the left side of the screen (widescreen TiBook ) and I used to have it on auto-hide. Now I'm using it without the auto hide and I've noticed that OsX puts its windows at the left side of the screen, sometimes behind the doc.

Is there an app that tells OsX to place its windows a certain amount of pixels to the right? A bit like the behaviour of the DVD player in OsX.


Collin van Ginkel


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    All apps are supposed to "respect" the Dock no matter where you put it. It's a problem with the app, in its code. (Cocoa apps do this automatically I think, but many "dirty" Carbon ports of OS 9 apps do not do this yet.) I don't know of any app or system-wide setting that can place new windows to the respect the Dock or move them to the right.
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    What I hate is when you put the dock on the left, apps. like appleworks will open new pages but all scrunched up at the top. For some reason they like try to stay above the dock and it is annoying as hell
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