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Ok so I sold my iMac to a friend and want to reinstall tiger over the existing tiger so that he will have a fresh install. I have the iMac disks and all that but I just can not figure out how to do it. Or am I going about all of this the wrong way??


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    This isn't tough to do. Just put the disk in and it will prompt you to restart. Once restarted, it will walk you through the process. Since you are selling the machine, you'll want to "Erase and Install" when given the options.
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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 583member
    If you tell us what steps you are taking, we might be able to show you where you're going wrong...
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    Okay well when I put the disk in, it does not prompt to restart. I click on the disk but that does not work either.
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 891member
    Well there are two basic ways to re-install. I am assuming you have taken all the stuff that is yours off of the machine, and put it on some other machine or media?

    The first way is you can put the Install DVD in and double click the disc, and then double click some App called install or something, there is basically a package or app, I can't remember.

    The second way is to put the disc in and restart the computer and after you select restart and the machine begins to restart hold down the c key on the keyboard, till you can tell that the machine is booting (starting up) from/off the DVD. After the machine boots up just follow the instructions of the following dialogs.

    At one point you need to click options and select erase and install...

    keep going and that should be about it...

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