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The Click Stick technology is a completely new mouse button.

Combining the tracking technology of normal mice with the new click stick switches results in a mouse with a tremendously good and natural feel of use, while not requiring any expensive custom parts or unnecessarily complicating the ease of use.

The current prototype is based on an Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II and features only one, single-action ?button?. Thus the current product only gives an idea of what could be possible in a finalized and fully featured product, using 3 way click sticks and probably up to 5 buttons per unit.

The sample switch I have used was soldered out of an old Philips TV and can be activated with 3 movements: push forward, press downwards and pull backwards. These three movements could be used to actually trigger 3 different functions, provided the appropriate switch is used.

Of course there is also a benefit to having a button trigger the same action with 3 different movements. The user can choose which movement is the most natural one for him and use different movements for different situations.

For example I prefer to pull backwards when scrolling down, while I usually push forward to scroll up. A lay person found it very handy to push forward while dragging icons on the desktop.

But the ergonomy is not the only revolution Click Stick brings with it.

Its tremendously quick and responsive behavior makes it an ideal First Person Shooter controller, where responsive and delayless input is of the essence.

I?ve been testing the prototype for about two months now and I must say I?m very happy with it?s performance. Initially I found the ergonomy of the switch to be a bit unfortunate, but this could of course easily be changed with a slight change to the switch. I have gotten used to it now and it feels perfect.

So what makes this invention so cool?

? Platform and interface indepence

? Likely very low production costs

? Ideal mouse for 3D action games

? More natural feel of use compared to normal mouse buttons

? Possibility to add up to 3 functions per switch, up to 15 functions per mouse

? Very steep learning curve, even my mother could use it after a minute

? Industries? first revolution the mouse button, a technology that hasn?t changed since the first mouse was invented in Palo Alto.

Well that is an excerpt of the description I sent to Logitech half a year ago. They're not interested. So I thought maybe you are, it free, it's public domain and you can read all about it here : <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

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