Does MAC OS 10-have to run on...

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Quick ?? Want to install 2nd internal hard drive and then load OS 10 to it!

Does MAC OS 10-have to run on Main Drive not Slave drive? Or can I just leave system as is and add in new internal hard drive, intiliaze disk, and then load OS 10 on slave drive? Thanks!

And Suggestions on Best internal HD for the $$--please do tell!


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    Unsure, but you could just set the new drive to be the master, and then slave the original drive. I think even if it does work, it's still good practice to install your OS on the master drive.
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    Installing X on a slave drive works perfectly well. I've got a 40 GB drive as master for my OS 9 stuff, apps, games, etc. I've got a 30 GB drive as slave for OS X, documents, etc.

    No problems here in the last 6 months since I got the drive. Hrm, maybe more now, I can't remember.

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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    It will run on a slave drive without a hitch.
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    Also, it's Mac, not MAC.
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